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Most Wanted

Sharice P Smith

Has MSO warrant for FTA/FTP aggravated battery/peace officer


HGT: 5’4″

WGT: 155

Dontrell L Rush

Has Macon County warrant for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon

DOB: 12/11/92

HGT: 6’0″

WGT: 160

Montague T Stitt

Has Macon county warrant for armed robbery

DOB: 1/30/89

HGT: 5’10”

WGT: 185

Terrence T Tinsley Jr.

Has Macon County warrant for FTA  armed habitual criminal

DOB: 07/31/96

HGT: 6’0″

WGT: 211

Tabitha I Hollgarth

Has two warrants out of Macon County for FTA burglary and obstructing justice

DOB: 7/1/74

HGT: 5’4″

WGT: 140

Delairian R Banks

Has Macon County warrant for felon in possession of a firearm 

DOB: 03/16/93

HGT: 5’10”

WGT: 140

Sasha S Conley

Has two felony warrants for felony criminal damage and obstructing justice

DOB: 10/05/97

HGT: 5’5″

WGT: 150

Richard P Roof Jr.

Has a Macon County warrant for residential burglary

DOB: 12/27/89

HGT: 5’8″

WGT: 150

Jamie I Justice

Has warrants on file through Macon County for felony theft and residential burglary

DOB: 05/01/82

HGT: 5’1″

WGT: 114


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